Saturday, March 15, 2008

Teddy Bears Character

Teddy Bears Character

The Teddy bear is over 100 years old. Theodore Roosevelt The President was responsible for naming the stuffed bear, Teddy?

Teddy bears have been so long we hardly think of when they first began.
We know how popular a teddy bear is. How much more in demand would a character teddy bear be? History has shown them to be very popular and collectable.

Winnie The Pooh,The teddy, that chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff, is one of the most famous teddy bears. Pooh get his start in the books of A.A. Milne. In the 1980's bears came out with a complete line of clothes and toys, including various sizes and styles of teddy bears.

Rupert, who got his start as a comic in a London newspaper, is another teddy bear who seems to have a lot of adventures. He has also been seen in books and as a soft cuddly teddy bear.

Yogi Bear is another teddy bear of character. You can still find vintage yogi teddy bears if you look hard.

Baloo, first introduced in Rudyard Kipling's, The Jungle Book, has been a teddy bear, and was the star of his own animated show, Tail Spin. This cartoon can still be seen on some cable cartoon stations.

The Care Bears are a group of teddy bears who take pride in helping others by showing them the best ways to behave and learn they are people too. You can find Care Bear teddy bears there too. This is a great site for children, with games, stories, and songs.

There are lots of teddy bears of character out there, but time and space is limited for this article. You can go exploring and find them for yourself.

Friday, March 14, 2008

first teddy bear

Teddy Bears Inception

first teddy bear was designed by Morris Michtom.and was named on the name of president theodore teddy.
After seeing the cartoon, Brooklyn Shopkeeper Morris Michtom told his wife, Rose, to make two stuffed bears to place in the window. The excelsior stuffed bears with the black, shoe button eyes gained national popularity.
Morris Michtom named his store The Ideal Novelty and Toy Company, and began the first Teddy Bear factory in the United States.

The Teddy Bear is the most popular plush toy.lots of toys come and go but the Teddy Bear is over 100 years old and has stood the test of time. Teddy Bears are used every day for different purposes. Pink and/or blue Teddy Bears are attached to baby shower presents; and they are given as gifts for the new baby. Teddy Bears wearing cap and gown may be given to high school graduates.
Teddy Bears are especially popular during the holidays. Santa Bears and Snow Bears abound at Christmas. Teddy Bears are available at every holiday or celebration, and nearly everyone has called the Teddy Bear a friend .

gund teddy bear

Gund Teddy Bears

it is the leading soft toy manufacturer in America, is also the oldest. GUND was incepted in 1898, in Norwalk, Connecticut by Adolph Gund. GUND was one of the first companies to design and produce teddy bears in the early 1900's. A young Russian immigrant, Jacob Swedlin, took a nice job at GUND in 1907. Swedlin bought the company in 1925 when Adolph Gund retired.

GUND has been responsible for many innovations, safety standards in the toy industry. Swedlin taken the concept of industry licensing with cartoon characters like Felix the Cat, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Popeye, among others. Gund was also very first to manufacture a musical toy .

In 2006 Gund created the 25th Anniversary snuffles.
You may see the name of GUND on teddy bears everywhere. They have very unique and interesting teddy bears .

vermont teddy bear

vermont teddy bear

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is a Big Hero. The mission of this comp: To make available every Teddy Bear to hug . The Vermont Teddy bear company and donations make it possible to donate teddy bears to police departments, fire houses and rescue personnel so that they could distribute them to children in need.
Other organizations are also doing the same.

The Thorndike Press, located just down the road from Inland Hospital in Maine, donated thousands of teddy bears to the hospital. These bears will be given to children who are ill, are nt well.
so the next timeif you think donating something, think about the teddy bear .

teddy bear tails

Teddy Bear Tales

Stories describing teddy bears performing like a human and having great adventures, have been written about some nice exciting bears. The first teddy bear that comes to mind is Winnie The Pooh.

Alan Alexander Milne, wrote mostly plays and novels. However, his most popular work is about pooh stories.Another teddy bear, that is known in his own right, is Paddington bear.
also there are other,popular, bears with a story or two about them.
if you really want to know where teddy bears came from. There you will find the true story of how the teddy bear began, and the role President Theodore Roosevelt played in the birth of the stuffed bear animal.

Chocolate The Naughty Teddy, Chocolate's Trip, A New Friend For Chocolate, and Chocolate And Cake Don't Mix, are all stories about a teddy bear who seems to always get into naughty. Care Bears are teddy bears that began as an animation. These cute little bears have seen their share of adventure. Care Bear videos and books are available for purchase.

Yogi Bear, that picnic basket stealing bear from Jellystone Park, Has been a teddy bear. Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in the late 1950's Yogi began his life in automation. His best friend and sidekick, Boo-Boo is also been a teddy bear.

stuffed bear teddy

Stuffed Teddy Bear Songs And Poems

Even though the teddy bear is over 100 years old, it is still one of most famous toys for children of all ages.

The cute, cuddly, stuffed bears have been known to bring out warm feelings in even the toughest of men. We have been inspired by the stuffed bear teddy to the point of writing songs and poetry about them.

One poem entitled, Egbert and Me', concerns a stuffed bear that wakes in the night and sits on the window sill to watch over a child. When pirates break in during the night, the bear quietly fights them off with a sword, and when the one-eyed bogey-man breaks silently through the wall.
Teddy bear songs are very popular, especially with young children. They love to think of their teddy bears as being like them, a bit more human.

Teddy Bear's Picnic, seems to be the well known song about teddy bears. The author starts by warning the reader not to go into the woods. If they do go into the woods, they should go in disguise; Good teddy bears will have lots of wonderful food to eat, and under the trees they'll play . If the reader goes down to the woods today they will be able to see the stuffed teddy bears gad about, and when they play they like to shout.

Winnie The Pooh sings a few songs of his own. I will include one of them here.

It's a very funny thought
that, if Bears were Bees
They'd build their nests at the bottom of trees
And that being so (if Bees were Bears)
We shouldn't have to climb up all these stairs.

Monday, February 18, 2008

teddy bears everywhere

bears Teddy , teddy bears . bears teddy are the most popular of all toys. Cute, and soft , they comforts us when we are alonel, ill or afraid. bear Teddy listen to our opinions without argument, hear our problems without attempting to solve them, and understand when we need a hug.

Over the last 100 years there have been a few teddy bears that have reached celebrity position. These particular bear teddy have been so popular they are recognized by name.

Winnie The Pooh is right up there when we think of famous teddy bears. it was created by A.A. Milne with much inspiration from his wife Daphne, and his young son, Christopher Robin. The idea of Pooh began with a trip to the zoo where, Christopher Robin Milne, fell in love with a small, black bear. This prompted Milne to write about the adventures of Christopher Robin, his teddy pooh bear , and their friends. Today you will find Pooh everywhere. There are Winnie The Pooh clothes, bedding, animated cartoons, web sites and, of course, the bear teddy himself.

Paddington Bear is quite famous in his own right. Paddington was created by Michael Bond, a British writer who wrote his first book about the bear in 1958. A Bear Called Paddington, was the first in a series of books in Paddington Bear.
Rupert the bear was first introduced as a comic strip in 'The Daily Express', a British newspaper. Rupert was introduced by artist Mary Toutel and he still appears in the same paper .
It would not be ok to end this article without mentioning two other bears of note.

Yogi Bear introduced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in 1957, is a very pesky, cartoon character who has been a teddy bear a time or two. Yogi is famous for his schemes to swindle campers out of their pic-in-ic baskets in Jellystone National park.

Smokey The Bear has been responsible for the prevention of forest fires. He has been teaching adults and children about the dangers of forest fires for over 60 years. Smokey has also been a teddy bear.